Тёмный Клан Murr
† Let † Darkness † Bleed † in † Your † Soul †

It was deafly quiet.
Tall pines hid the last rays of the sun in their crowns. Darkness has gently spread at the foot of the hills. Darkness … it was alive. From each trunk detached a shadow. Or rather it was not a shadow, as it was too dark for shadows to happen. But one could feel them. Feel through one`s heart. And also see. But for that one had to use his special eyesight. Only through reality it was possible to make out things. They were not present in this world, but they watched. Watched everybody. They left as quietly as appeared. Yet nobody was able to catch them. Every night after sunset, but before the moon showed up, they went in for the kill. They were everywhere and nowhere. One could not hide from them… even in the daytime, when the sun reigned in the sky, my heart sank with fear. No one ever knew about their mysterious motives and enigmatic aims. And the name of the mystery was Murr! And even now at this very moment they stand behind you waiting in the wings! And only the most attentive and lucky ones may accidentally catch the piercing stare of their green eyes…

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