Тёмный Клан Murr
† Let † Darkness † Bleed † in † Your † Soul †
     Clan Anthem

Download in mp3 (9mb): http://murr.su/murr_gimn.mp3





Now a horror story starts in front of us
A story about a green-eyed King and a Queen with cherry red lips
Who killed barehanded, biting the victim with his crystal-clear teeth
With the agility of a tiger wielding his fangs, goodbye forever to sworn enemies





Last raylet of sun vanished at a late hour
Hope to come back before dust has vanished too
And now through the darkness I catch the glares of the eyes
As icy silence ascended the forest…
And life as if leaving the earth under my very eyes.
Reality has crossed the very line!
And the darkness approaching caused wild fear
Foreboding I will not run away
While shadow parted from all the trees
That should not exist at night
Like a fox threading through the rocks
The Darkness stepped forward in the forest for her Hunt
The name of mystery was “Murr”
Hunting from sunset till gleaming moon
The Darkness held her bloody tour
Listening to the voice of the Head
To watch – it`s in the “Murr” clan’s list of behests
At dark night or under sun that scorches
And there is no any place in world around you
Where you can hide yourself from watchers
Appearing as quietly all of a sudden
Like shadow that covers Moon for instant
“Murr” left unnoticed as well
Like taste of wine which comes with years
Avital fear for the Darkness lasts
A mysterious King reigns the Darkness
And with the book which rules the dreams
You’ll never rest in peace!

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