Тёмный Клан Murr
† Let † Darkness † Bleed † in † Your † Soul †
     Clan Heraldry


Silhouette of a crowned (symbol of monarchy) giant cat with green eyes looms over a gloomy castle, body of the cat transfers in to forest (symbolizes close relations with nature). On the background you can see the moon which has 7 spheres on its outline, each having its own meaning and importance (left to right):
— Blood drop: Kinship, Relations, Family
— Gamepad: Gaming Projects
— Sword and Shield: War, PvP Orientation
— The Book: Rules, Traditions, Knowledge
— Cogwheel: Organization and Clan Script (clanner)
— Empty sphere: Mystery
— Plate of Borsch: Everyone loves Borsch (T/N: Russian Origin)

Creator: Maru

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